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Tick Control in Connecticut

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Safe Curative and Preventative Tick Treatments

Connecticut is well-known for having some of North America’s highest tick populations and related health issues. The name Lyme Disease was given for first being discovered in the Lyme, CT area in 1975. The effects of Lyme disease can be absolutely devastating for humans and animals, but there are ways to ensure that ticks don't compromise the health of your family and pets. Simply Safer Mosquito's tick control program includes applications that kill ticks on contact along with preventative treatments to dramatically reduce the tick population on your property.
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Organic Applications

Our organic tick sprays kill ticks on contact and are made from a safe mix of Cedar Wood and blended organic botanical oils. They also help repel ticks for 21 days.

Control Products

We utilize EPA-registered control products at specific times of year to knock down tick populations. It is safe to return to your yard as soon as the application dries!

Tick Tubes

Ticks fester on mice. Our Tick Tubes are a safe, yet incredibly effective method of eliminating the transmission of Lyme disease commonly carried by mice on your property.

Why Tick Control?

Besides the serious health risks from Lyme Disease there are more than 20 other diseases transmitted by ticks with new ones being discovered each year.

Preventing Tick Problems Before They Start

Aside from providing safe tick treatments, we also offer advice to homeowners on how they can prevent ticks from invading their lawns. We recommend pruning your trees, clearing overgrowth, and mowing your grass so that ticks don't have a place to hide or live. If you want to prevent ticks entirely, the team at Simply Safer Mosquito will provide a solution. Our primary goal is to stop ticks before they have a chance to grow their population on your property. After our services are complete, you'll have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your lawn and property are virtually tick-free.
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