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Perimeter Pest Control in Connecticut

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Preventing Insects From Entering Your Home

Simply Safer Mosquito is devoted to providing effective treatments that are safe for humans, animals and the surrounding environment. We provide perimeter pest control to the foundation of your home to stop insects from getting inside. Our treatments for ants, spiders and other crawling insects will keep you and your family safe from any diseases or threats they may carry. We provide preventative solutions to ensure bugs and insects never enter your home. With our services, pests will stay outside where they belong.
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We stop ants from building their colonies in and around the cracks and crevices of sidewalks, driveways, and road verges.


Are you noticing spiderwebs surrounding your lawn? Our treatments eliminate spiders and stop them from spinning their webs.


Roach populations can quickly grow and get out of hand. Our pest control will prevent roaches from reaching the indoors and infesting your home.

Crawling Insects

We can control, reduce, and prevent any crawling insect, from centipedes, millipedes, ticks, earwigs, silverfish, pill bugs, beetles, fleas, stinkbugs, and beyond.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out Of Your Home

Most insect populations start outside and then quickly make their way indoors. Simply Safer Mosquito's perimeter pest control treatments are long-lasting and create an invisible barrier between your home and the outdoors. By choosing us for your treatments, you’ll never have to worry about these pests entering your home. Our team will customize a treatment plan to enhance your home’s comfort and security.
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