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Mosquito and Tick Control in Connecticut

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Safe and Organic Treatments for Pests

If you want to eliminate pests from your lawn, property, or outdoor space while keeping people and pets safe, we encourage you to consider Simply Safer Mosquito. We are a comprehensive provider of environmentally friendly outdoor pest control in Connecticut. If you’re concerned for the safety of your children, pets or the environment, then we’re the right service for you. Request a free estimate below to start enjoying your yard worry free!
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Carefully Chosen Insect Control Products

At Simply Safer Mosquito, we are highly selective and deliberate in choosing our products and application methods. As caring insect control experts, we want to provide products that make a significant impact on pest populations but have no impact on the surrounding people, animals, and environment. We've been working with organically formulated sprays and repellents for over two decades. Not only are our applications safe, but they are highly effective and have improved the health and enjoyability of countless properties.
Stopping Pests in Their Tracks

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